Anyone who has spent time in college knows that the average college student doesn’t have money to waste. We want to be good stewards of what the Lord has entrusted us with. This can seem difficult if we don’t recognize the little ways we can save money in our everyday lives. These are a few simple, but strategic ways that we, as student, can save money while we pursue our degrees.


1. Plan Out Your Meals.

This is something simple but it can be very beneficial to your bank account. If you’re like me and attend a school that doesn’t offer a meal plan, it is easy to find yourself eating out too much without realizing how much money you’re actually spending on food. If you don’t live on campus, try packing a lunch. If you do, maybe plan out what you can make yourself in your dorm. I think you’ll be surprised on how much money you can save by simply planning out what to eat in advance.


2. Carpool.

This is a fun way to save money on gas. If you and your friends are planning on leaving campus for an event, try all riding together. Instead of taking separate cars, you can save your gas and carpool! This even applies if you and a friend have the same class together across campus. Suggest that you ride together or, if its not too far, walk!


3. Limit the Daily Coffee Drinks.

I know, I know…this is not what you wanted to hear. But we all know how much money we can spend on coffee or special cafe drinks. We justify it by saying it helps us study, but I think we will all see an improvement in our budget if we cut back on all the special drinks. Don’t worry, I didn’t say cut them out all together…just a little less.


4. Find Textbooks for Less.

Textbooks can get so expensive in college. They can be up in the $100’s and this is not typically something you can have scholarships cover. But there are ways to get the books you need without using your entire life savings. One way is to use websites, such as amazon or, to order them instead of going through the school bookstore. They sell the same books but for much less. Another way is to look for students on campus who are selling their books from when they took the same course. Many times they will sell them for a fraction of the price.


5. Be Creative.

There are many other small ways to be creative and save money, including gifts, entertainment and wardrobe choices.  Ask your friends what they do to save money! Keep each other accountable with what and how much you spend. Encourage each other in honoring the Lord with the resources He’s given you.

Article Written by: Gillian Harper