Are you already planning your family vacation for next year? If you’re a fan of music and theater, you might consider traveling to the peaceful city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see the magnificent Sight and Sound Theatre. Located in the heart of Amish Country, the Sight and Sound Theatre produces and performs musicals based on stories from the Bible.

This past March, we took a family trip to Lancaster to visit the Sight and Sound Theatre to see the production “Jesus.” We were astonished when we saw the actors and stage crew put on the musical. It was phenomenal. Having seen shows on Broadway, we all could see the quality of the performance by all the participants. The writers and producers added an artistic flare with the script; however, they stayed true to the Scriptures and the heart of God. From the music, to the acting, to the lights, we could see the great care and excellence that the crew put into the production.

Some history on the Sight and Sound Theatre: It was founded by Glen and Shirley Eshelman. It started as a projection slide show of scenic photography by Glen with music and live narration at a local church in 1964. Through the years, it grew in popularity, and the couple needed a permanent building to house their growing dreams. The couple started the Living Waters Theatre where they produced their first full-length Biblical production. This had quickly outgrown its facility and had to move to a larger home, becoming the Entertainment Centre.

But after a devastating fire in 1997, the couple didn’t give up on their dream. They built a bigger and better facility in just 18 months. The new Sight and Sound Theatre was able to seat 2,000 patrons and had a 300-foot panoramic stage. There, their signature production “Noah” debuted. They would expand in 2008 to Branson, Missouri with a twin theater. The theater is still run by the Eshelman family today.

Seeing a production at the Sight and Sound Theatre is an experience that I would recommend to everyone. We had a large group whose ages ranged from 3 years old to the mid-50’s. It is perfect for the whole family. You will want to go every year.

Article Written by: Rachel Harper


Note: Next year’s production is “Esther,” based on the biblical account of Queen Esther who helped to save her people from destruction. The show opens in the Spring of 2020. If you are interested in taking your family or group of friends to see it, click here. Tickets are on sale and are already booking up. To read the full story of Sight and Sound Theatre, click here. Photos courtesy of: