As I was walking through a store recently, I was casually observing a section of home décor that had been made from broken glass. There were several beautiful items and each of them had hundreds of smaller broken pieces that had been strategically placed together to form something that others would want to display in their homes.

My mind began to think of all the women I’ve meet through my years of Pastoral ministry, that themselves have also been broken.  At times, due to situations beyond their control they’ve felt as if their whole world had shattered into a million broken pieces.  That’s when I also began to think of the power and care of our loving Heavenly Father.  For only God can restore those pieces together again, not the same way that they once were, but now in a new way that is even more beautiful, more valuable.

When hurt seems greater than you can stand. Even when rejection has stolen away your last slice of joy. There is the one who comforts us through pain, who leads us through the storms and when we come through life’s most difficult moments: we have found a new-level of strength and perseverance that we didn’t know existed.   We have found the broken pieces have been placed back together to form something even more beautiful.

Our loving Savior, Jesus, truly does make all things new. He redeems the fallen and restores the broken.  They are pieces placed back together, in a new arrangement to make a one of a kind masterpiece.


Scripture Reading:

Matthew 11:28-30

Isaiah 61:1-3

Revelation 21:5



“Lord, you know my brokenness and only you know how to make me whole.  I ask you today to give me the strength to make it through this storm. I need you. More than I need anything, I need more of you.  So, Jesus, hold me close.   Thank you that there is no pain nor brokenness I have ever experienced that you have not taken note of and you, Lord, will redeem and make a beautiful masterpiece in me.  I thank you for keeping me.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the good work that you are doing in my heart, and I ask that you complete it, for your glory, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

Article Written by: Melinda Henderson