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The word Chaverah means, “Friend of a sister-type” in the Hebrew language.

So many times as women, wives, and mothers, we feel alone with our questions, decisions, ideas and struggles. Even in a crowd, we can be longing for some answers, someone who understands without judging, and someone to give sound advice and suggestions. We need a friend. But good friends are hard to find. They can be fickle, moody, busy or bossy. They can grow apart in common interests, differ greatly on core values, or move away.

Consequently, we find ourselves in need of a good friend who’s faithful, loyal, likeable, funny, sincere, helpful, and encouraging. Interestingly, statistics show that Americans have fewer friends than ever before. The number of close friends has dropped in the last couple of decades from 3 close friends, to just 1 close friend for the overwhelming majority. Thus, the need for Christian friends to come to you! We will provide a host of friends that you will grow to love. They are funny, faithful, sincere and true! They’re just like you! Why not enjoy a friend or two, for the journey of life!

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“If God loves you, then why do bad things happen to you?” People near us often ask this question when we encounter adversity. Sometimes, even we have doubts. “If God [...]

Broken Pieces

As I was walking through a store recently, I was casually observing a section of home décor that had been made from broken glass. There were several beautiful items and [...]

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“The Lord gives the Word. And the women who tell the good news are many.” 

Psalm 68:11, (NLT)

“A friend loveth at all times…”

Proverbs 11:11, (NKJV)

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Our writers are a wonderful group of women just like you who write encouraging, inspiring, and informational articles!

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