While attending Regent University these past two years I have had the opportunity of being a part of a Girl’s Life Group on campus every week. It is made up of about 20 college-aged girls who love the Lord and love diving into His Word with fellow Jesus-loving friends! It has been something I look forward to every Tuesday night and I’d like to tell you why. Here are a few benefits that you will find by being a part of a small group in your area.

            One thing that I love about our life group is all the different friends that you are able to connect with. Every week there are always new girls that you maybe have never met before as well as friends that you see often. You are able to make new friends every week and stay connected with old ones. This makes way for even greater unity on our campus. When we see each other outside of life group we’re able to connect and encourage each other wherever we are.

            Another thing that I love about it is the consistency it allows for in everyday life. No matter what kind of week you have had, it’s a chance to simply start over and re-focus on what’s really important – keeping Christ at the center. It allows for the renewing of our minds that then transforms us as spoken about in Romans 12:2.

            The greatest benefit to being connected to a life group, however, is being able to dive deeper into His Word on a consistent basis. Listening to a sermon or teaching is always a good way of gaining more insight to scripture, but being able to truly discuss it with like-minded peers provides an even deeper level of understanding. Even if I were to never speak during our discussion, just being able to dive in His Word and listen to the discussion of girls who are strong in their faith gives deeper insight. However, I can also provide the understanding I’ve gained and share it with the group for even further discussion. It provides different perspectives and ways of looking at scripture that you maybe have never thought of that will surely broaden your prospective.

            There are many other benefits to being a part of a small group but I will leave the rest for you to discover for yourself! If you’re not currently a part of a small group, I encourage you to get involved in one no matter what your age! If there is not one in your area or in your church, consider stepping out and starting one! You would be surprised at the lives it will impact – including your own!

Article Written by: Gillian Harper