Bathroom Organization Mini-Series Pt. 2

Sharing a small bathroom with three people can be challenging. With limited storage space, it was difficult trying to keep everything organized and looking neat. I cannot stand having toiletries living on the bathroom sink. I needed something to keep all my products, my husband’s toiletries, and my daughter’s items neatly organized.

There is a small space between the sink and toilet. While at Ross one day, I found the perfect item that would fit in that space- a 3-tiered wooden basket organizer. Once I got home, I put it in its place. It was a perfect fit! I immediately started to fill the baskets with our stuff, assigning each of us a basket. Everything had its own place. I was even able to use the flat top of the organizer to neatly display all my makeup.

This organizer has made everyday life easier. We don’t have our toiletries sitting on the sink making it look crowded. It keeps our little bathroom looking neat and organized, which is something I truly enjoy.

Article Written by: Rachel Harper

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