Bathroom Organization Mini-Series Pt.3

If you are a makeup enthusiast like me, you have lots of makeup that can take up a lot of space. Simply keeping them in a drawer, box or bag is fine, but if you are in need of more structured organization, I have a simple solution for you.

I found several desk organizers at T.J.Maxx that looked cute. I bought a couple of pencil organizers and a mail organizer. I was able to separate all my facials brushes, foundations, eye makeups, lipsticks, and sponges in the pencil organizers. I was also able to put my makeup palates in the mail organizer. Whenever I need to do my makeup, I am able to move the organizers to my desk, put on my makeup, then put it all back where it belongs.

Never has putting on my makeup been more efficient. The organizers keep my bathroom from being cluttered, and keep me from having to dig around for the makeup I need. Plus, by choosing ones that I thought were cute, they are a part of my bathroom décor, making them both functional and aesthetic.

Article Written by: Rachel Harper

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