For as long as I can remember, it has been a struggle for me to be able to create beautiful curls that last, especially since I have been growing my hair out for the past year or so. If you are like me, your hair is long, thick and sometimes difficult to style. Long, thick hair can be very beautiful but it does take more work to maintain. However, difficult does not mean impossible! With the right tools and products, your hair can be more than you ever thought possible!

More Product, More Style

            When I was younger, I would wash my hair just about every other day. My hair was very prone to develop oils rather quickly and if I waited too long, my hair would feel very dirty. After some research, I have recently learned that if you wash your hair too often, you are actually stripping your hair of many of it’s natural oils and it has to work hard to create more! In addition to that, having straight hair many times helps the oils travel down your hair faster and makes your hair dirtier, sooner. In learning this, I began to train my hair to last longer by preserving its natural oils. I did this by using products that absorb excess oils from the scalp in between washes such as dry shampoo and/or hairspray. By doing this, my hair would last longer and it was easier to style because of the extra product I used. It may take a few tries to find the dry shampoo that works best for your hair but don’t give up, its out there!

The Right Tool is Worth It

            Have you ever seen ads on Facebook or TV for hair products that look great and supposedly make your hair have perfect curls with little to no effort? Well, I used to see these ads and immediately dismiss them because I knew it couldn’t be real, right? It wasn’t until I saw this one hair-styling product on Facebook that different hair stylists were demonstrating to their followers on Facebook live videos. The products they were using were from a brand called “L’ange.” I watched them as they curled and styled even long hair like mine and it lasted! So I did some more research and decided I would take the risk and try out this wand for myself. Let me tell you, sister, it was well worth my money! I truly didn’t think my hair could hold curls before now! But this wand curls my hair quickly and it last for several days with just a little touch up each day!

            The wand that worked for my hair was the Titanium, Lustre 25mm. They recommended that if your hair is harder to curl then the titanium wand would work better than the ceramic. I got the smaller barrel to create tighter curls but they also offer a larger 32mm wand if you want looser curls. This wand not only works for longer hair like mine but really any length and texture.

            Now, I will be honest and say that at first when I saw the price I thought I certainly was not going to spend that much on a curling wand and I’m happy to say that I didn’t! Another cool thing about this brand is that their products go on sale so often! I simply waited and watched for their big sale and purchased mine for just about half the normal price! They also have other great haircare products that are top notch, along with more tips to try! So be encouraged, friend! Your hair goals are not out of reach! With the right products and the right tools, you will see your hair reach its full potential!

Article Written by: Gillian Harper

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