When you think of home, what to you hear? Sounds of peaceful quiet, sounds of music, sounds of pleasant laughter, sounds of engaging conversation, sounds of happy children playing? Or do you hear sounds of screaming, sounds of arguing, sounds of demeaning words, sounds of critical ridicule or insults, sounds of deafening silence, sounds of crying, or sounds of TV noise?


When you think of home, what do you see?

When you think of home, what do you touch?

When you think of home, what do you smell?

When you think of home, what do you taste?


Could we see playful, productive, peaceful?

Could we touch, soft, soothing, silky?

Could we smell, sweet, savory, spicy?

Could we taste chili, chocolate, or cherry’s?


The choice is ours. Think about home. Think about the heart of home.

Think about the people.


Do we hear their heart?

Do we see their potential?

Do we touch their needs?

Do we smell their fears?

Do we taste their desires?


Let people hear your love, see your smiles, touch your thoughtfulness, smell your sweetness, taste your goodness, and know that they are the most important thing about home, and that home is a place they want to be.

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.