The birth of our daughter changed our lives and for the better! We celebrated her second birthday in July 2017, and since she loves having tea parties with her princess dolls, we thought what better theme to have for her party than a princess tea party! If you have a little girl who loves tea parties like mine does, here is what I did and you can keep these things in mind when planning your own:

Decorations: For our decorations, we used a pink tablecloth for our table, pink dinner plates with white and gold cake plates, white and gold striped napkins and gold utensils. We also had pink, purple, and white balloons with gold confetti inside which we tied to her chair. From the ceiling, we hung matching honeycomb spheres. We also had multiple bouquets of colorful flowers. When planning your decorations, keeping with a theme is important. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You can use teapots as vases for flowers and as centerpieces. We served the food on tea trays and displays. We hung tissue balls, tassels, and fans from the ceilings and walls in our daughter’s favorite colors. We covered our tables with a fun tablecloth, and chose complimenting plates, napkins, and utensils. It’s important to remember to have fun decorating. Your daughter will be delighted with all the thought and effort you put into her party.

Food: A tea party wouldn’t be the same without dainty dishes. We made kid-friendly PB&J sandwiches for the children and traditional cucumber or crab salad sandwiches for the adults. We also made turkey club and Italian sub wraps and BBQ meatballs to provide an alternative to the sandwiches. Fruit and Veggie trays were also a hit! For dessert, we had a cake decorated with princesses and homemade cranberry orange scones. There are a plethora of ideas on the internet for different dishes you can make and provide for your guests. Be sure to explore all options! Your menu inspiration can be dependent on what time of day you have the party. We took inspiration from a traditional English high tea party. Doing your research and being authentic will amaze your invited family and friends, and your party could be an inspiration for their parties.

Special Features: It’s good to have a talking piece for your party, one special part of your party that everyone will enjoy and remember. We chose to have real tea for our daughter’s tea party. We chose 3 different teas to serve our guests. Each tea was served in a unique tea pot with matching tea cups. It was the centerpiece for our party and a great conversation piece. Both the women and the men enjoyed it! It doesn’t get more authentic than serving tea at your daughter’s “tea party”. Another special feature you can have for the party is having all the children dress up as their favorite prince or princess. It can be a cute dress-up outfit or Sunday dress. You can purchase princess tiaras and prince crowns at your local party store or on Each child can take them home as part of their party favor. All the children will feel like royalty and have fun pretending they are at a princess tea party! Be sure to take pictures of every child in their costume for memories!

Hosting parties can be fun, especially when they involve what your child in currently interested in. I loved planning my daughter’s princess tea party, and I hope that you feel inspired to create your own for your daughters!

Article Written By: Rachel Harper