If you haven’t tried it, you may want to give it a try!

I recently ran into a lady at the store who was picking up some organic maple syrup. I had a coupon for the same product, but had never tried it. So, I asked her if she had used it and her surprising answer to me was, “Yes, I do, I use it in my coffee every morning!”

I had never heard of such! But it sounded interesting! I was just planning to get the kids some syrup for the new waffle maker my husband got for Christmas!! So this information was all new to me!

Come to find out the woman was a registered dietitian, and said that she used maple syrup as a sweetener because of the properties in it. And that she doesn’t like artificial sweeteners because of the chemicals in them.

I looked it up and found that the mineral properties of maple syrup are quite interesting. It has a large amount of riboflavin, which is B2, a B complex vitamin, in fact 61 percent of your daily percentage in 2 ounces. It also has niacin and zinc, 8 percent of both, and 4 percent of both magnesium and thiamin.

So the next time you need a natural sweetener for your coffee or tea, skip the artificial sweeteners and refined sugars and try some good ‘ole maple syrup!

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.