Whether you are 10 or 110, we have all longed to be beautiful. But beautiful in who’s standards? Beautiful at what cost? If you want to be beautiful, learn first to be YOU – unapologetically, authentically you. Not a fake, not a victim, not arrogant nor boastful, not selfish, just a girl who has decided that the most important thing in her life is passionately pursuing the God who created her. A girl that finds who she is to be a beautiful treasure and masterpiece.

Sure, you have quirks. Sure, you may look different than the girl next door, BUT it’s not about you! Life is more than petty insecurities and selfish ambitions. Life has everything to do with HIM living through you. Breath by breath. Day by day. Maybe you’re not quite sure who you are. You’ll never know until you render your life to the one who created you, God Almighty.

Nothing is more beautiful and powerful than a girl who is on a mission to pursue God. She has settled in her core the age old question of who she is and why she is here. You will live life fearlessly in a way that keeps you smiling and then go to sleep only with great anticipation to start a new day tomorrow.I believe in you! God believes in you! Now believe in yourself! You’ve got this.

Article Written by: Melinda Henderson