Every season the Panton Color Institute Team evaluates the colors shown by fashion designers in their collections at the New York Fashion Week. This year was the first time they added the London Fashion Week to their seasonal color reportage. This information is used to create the Pantone Fashion Color Report where they highlight the top 10 colors for men’s and women’s fashion for the upcoming season.

Both Fashion Weeks had Navy Peony, which is a dependable and anchoring shade. Both had a soft kind of gentle pink: Primrose and Ballet slipper pink. They both also had powerful reds in Grenadine and Flame Scarlet which lead the way in London. Warming, snug earth tones were shown in Toast and Otter which is a country earth brown color and burnished, russet, welcoming warmth shades in Autumn Maple and Copper Tan. Other shades of blues that made it to the runway this year were Bluebell, a light soothing blue and Marina, the only truly cool color in the fall pallet. The standard bearer, Neutral Grey shares the anchoring role with Navy Peony. Elegant, sophisticated Tawny Port takes the red family to new depths in its burgundy family color. The pallet was completed with interesting shades of green, the Golden Lime, the yellow-green shade that compliments the fall classics, the exotic and spicy Lemon Curry and last but not least the stately Golden Olive color. Florals in fall colors are here and high shine is also in. Hemlines are trending a bit longer (just above the knee or longer) and garments over all are a bit more flowing and loose fitting, with exceptions of course. Trench coats are big this season, consider a jewel tone velvet jacket.

I believe we each need to develop our own style and we can incorporate colors and pieces that are trending if it fits who we are. I’ve been doing make over events for eight years and have been amazed to see women’s reactions when they try something they’ve never tried before and see how beautiful they look. We need to remember that when a designer designed a garment he/she had a specific body type in mind. Women tend to criticize their bodies instead of looking for the designer/label who had her body type in mind. Next time when something doesn’t fit well, remember you just haven’t found the right designer/style! Ask for help.

Marguerite Evans www.meinc.global

Article Written By: Marguerite Evans