Recently we experienced a house fire in our attic. After three months of being in a hotel, and refurbishing the attic and upper level of our home, we are now moved back in. What we discovered in the process, was not only God’s protection and provision, but also how He can work in the middle of unpleasant circumstances and bring about joyful outcomes. For us, part of the positive outcome, were beautiful new colors with which we painted, carpeted, and redecorated our home.

Choosing Paints

When we chose to buy our paint from Sherwin Williams, we were given the option to have a decorator come and help select new colors for each room of the house. What we discovered was beautiful. She had such expertise and vision for the spaces in our home and the results were an upgrade that we are thrilled with. It had been 14 years since we last painted with all new color schemes.

Our decorator studied the spaces in our home, the walls, the hallways, the niche’s, the ceilings, the railings, and met our children as they showed her which room was theirs, and then the inspiration began to unfold. She suggested calming colors for the main bedroom/bathroom suite that would feel like a spa, and executive tones for the office, and colors for the remaining rooms that she described as “sea, sky, and sand.” These were tones of sea salt green, sky blues, ocean blues, and warm tan shades. They are absolutely beautiful.

Matching Flooring

We shopped at several carpeting and tile places, and finally settled with the closest family flooring business in our local community. They met our needs for personal and friendly service as well as getting us the best price possible. We took samples of the paint colors and they assisted us in finding the colors that were just right.

We chose to get the best padding and a mid-price carpet. The tiles in the bathroom, worked fine to keep, and looked much better with the new wall colors, especially with the removal of the wallpaper. The wood floors downstairs also seemed to match just fine. The carpet colors were a combination of cool grays, with some warm tan overtones that made it the perfect blend for our new “sea, sky and sand,” look.

Enjoying the Effects

The results are phenomenal. We feel like we have moved into a completely new home. The colors are so calming and relaxing. When we walk through the rooms, from one to the other, it’s like a breeze blowing, and like a breath of fresh air. All stress and heavy weights are instantly lifted, as we enjoy the fresh hues, and give praise to God for His marvelous goodness, and for His hand in it all.

If you are considering changing the colors in your home, consider what the colors speak. Yellow is vitality and sunshine, pinks are romantic and feminine, blues are peaceful and gracious, navy’s and emeralds are elegant and regal, red is linked to insanity, aggression and hostility, purple is royal, while gold and silvers are glamor and glitz. There is so much more to know about how colors speak, and the personality of colors, but hopefully this will get you ready to investigate further! Enjoy making your God-given accommodations beautiful!

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.