Hi, gorgeous one! One thing in life I’ve learned for sure is that I never, never, never want to simply reach for what is easy or what is rational. What is easy doesn’t require faith, nor does it grow me as a follower of Christ. What is rational only uses my level of wisdom to say that the dream is possible.

            I’ve learned that I’m only living my full life if I’m going for the big dreams that God has placed in my heart.  The dreams that are so great they do not rely on my gifting’s, abilities, nor the resources that are in my hand, but they rely fully on God’s power, God’s resources, and God’s final say! Time in prayer + more time in prayer + even more time waiting for God to show up = always worth it!

So reach for the big dreams, gorgeous one!

I’m cheering for you today.

Article Written by: Melinda Henderson