It’s the time of year when your children go back to school. They enjoy seeing their friends and learning new things. It is exciting to see the knowledge they come back home with, but there is one thing you do not want your child to bring home – head lice.

Because your child is in a close environment with other children, it is easy to catch and spread this parasite. As we all know it can be very hard to prevent your child being affected by an outbreak. It is important to know that if you child does contract lice, it does not mean that they are dirty. Surprisingly, lice prefer clean hair over greasy hair.  Fortunately, there is a simple and cost-effective way to help prevent your child contracting head lice found at your local drug store!

If you look by the vitamins, you can find a bottle of tea tree oil. By adding drops of the oil into your children’s shampoo, you can help deter lice from infesting their hair. For the oil to be most effective, 1-2% of the bottle should be filled with oil. Make sure to test for an allergic reaction before adding this supplement.

In the tests that have been run on the effectiveness of tea tree oil and killing lice, the results suggested that the oil can reduce the number of eggs being hatched, and it killed lice in the nymph and adult stages.

While tests have been done, this method has not been completely proven; however, it does show much promise as a natural remedy. If you do decide to use this method, make sure it is not swallowed. Tea tree oil is toxic if ingested. Please consult your child’s doctor with any questions or concerns.

Just by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your child’s shampoo, you can avoid some serious hassle in the future. We hope this tip helps keep all the heads in your family lice-free! And remember, no sharing hats or brushes too!

Article Written By: Rachel Harper