No matter how often you clean the grout on your tile showers, it always seems to get dark and dinghy. You then have to spend hours in an uncomfortable position, with an old toothbrush, trying to scrub it all away. The end of the day is spent nursing a backache with a newfound distaste for your bathroom. Don’t worry, there is a better way!

I found one of the easiest ways to brighten up the grout in our showers, and it takes little effort on your end. All you need is thick toilet paper and a bottle of precision pour bleach gel. I simply roll long tubes of toilet paper, pour the bleach directly on the grout, and place the toilet paper against the grout. The toilet paper will hold the bleach in place and let it do its magic. Be sure to wear gloves when you touch the bleach to avoid irritation. Within two hours, you will see a noticeable difference in the color of your grout. I recommend starting the process after you have taken your shower for the day or at the end of the day to allow time for the bleach to sit on the grout.

Thanks to this method, my grout looks like new and my back is saved! If you need a new way to clean your grout that is simple and affordable, try this! You won’t be disappointed.

Article Written by: Rachel Harper