Christmas is a wonderful holiday filled with rich traditions unique to each family. One tradition that my family does is every year, all the children in the family receive a lightbulb Christmas morning. This seems like a strange gift to just anyone, even my husband was confused when he received his first, unique gift, but this tradition started when I was a little girl.

One year, when asked what I wanted for Christmas by my dad dressed like Santa Claus, I replied with the strangest gift. All I wanted for Christmas was a lightbulb. I had a lamp in my bedroom, and the light had gone out. Instead of telling my parents right away to have it replaced, I waited until Christmas to tell Santa what I wanted. Of course, everyone was surprised and tickled that the first thing I asked for was a lightbulb instead of the newest toy. So, on Christmas morning, my parents gifted myself and my siblings a new lightbulb.

Every year since, we have all received lightbulbs as Christmas gifts. We even share this tradition with new family members like my husband and young daughter. The next day, I change the lightbulbs in our lamps, and I am reminded of that sweet memory every time I turn them on.

Article Written by: Rachel Harper