One of my favorite things to experiment with is my makeup. Just like my wardrobe, my makeup collection is always fluctuating and expanding with the changing of the seasons. I love searching for what new trend to try out. Here are some trends that I have seen for this fall that you may want to try as well:

Chilly Cheeks: While blush is good all year-round, fall is the season to take a more dramatic look with it. Don’t be afraid to add more blush than you normally would. It creates more dimension to your face as well as adding much wanted color! You will want to look for a rosy color to remind you of the cooler weather that will be coming soon!

Metallic Shadows: Silver, gold, bronze or copper, any kind will do! Try out these rich colors this season! The key to this trend is creating texture. Have fun sweeping your lids with these fierce shadows and effortlessly adding drama to your face! Perfect for date night!

Artsy Eyeliner: Whether it is a classic cat-eye or a simple smudge, this is the season to play with your eyeliner. Spend a few extra minutes in front of your mirror experimenting with different styles and perfecting your lines. Don’t be afraid to get creative! You can even try a bold color instead of the traditional black or brown.

Pronounced Lower Lashes: Most women focus their attention to their upper lashes with mascara and false lashes, but let’s not forget our lower lashes this season! Take the extra time to coat your lower lashes with mascara to create a more dramatic look! Be sure to use waterproof mascara and look for ones that are specifically for your bottom lashes.

Berry Lips: One trend that you can’t go wrong with is a bold, berry lipstick. This trend is a fall favorite that returns every year. Coming in various shades, it is flattering on all shades of skin tones. Take time to find the perfect shade next time you are out shopping!

Have fun playing with these trends and express your distinct style with your makeup this season!

Article Written By: Rachel Harper