It’s finally fall, my favorite season of all. I love watching the leaves changing colors, wearing cute sweaters, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! As soon as the first leaf changes colors, I want to pull out everything fall in my decorating closet and decorate my house for fall. If you are wanting some new ideas on how to decorate your home for this next season, here are some trends I have seen for Fall 2018:

  1. Stuffed Décor- In most every store I walk into, I see little stuffed fall decorations. From stuffed pumpkins to forest creatures. They can be made from felt, burlap or any fall themed fabric. They are easy to decorate with, and they give a DIY look to your home. They are especially great for small children. You won’t have to worry about putting them out of the way as your children are playing and having fun.  
  1. Pom-Poms- Want to take your decorating to the next level? Hang pom-poms on your walls, in your entry way, or around your tables. They add another layer or dimension and help complete your decorations for this season. 
  1. Chalkboards- You almost can’t go anywhere without seeing a chalk board as decoration anymore. It’s for a good reason though! The black chalkboard acts as an anchor for your surrounding fall decorations. You can purchase chalkboards with witty sayings, Scripture verses, or write your own on a blank one. Chalkboards are an easy way to look trendy with your fall décor. 
  1. Burlap- This versatile fabric is perfect for fall weather! And it is quite easy to add it to your existing fall décor. Look for a burlap runner to add to your favorite fall dinnerware, burlap pillows for your comfy sofa, or burlap wall hanging for your favorite room. If you are feeling crafty, look for lace or stamps you can add to your new burlap pieces to personalize it!
  1. Going “Grey”- When thinking of fall, most automatically think of rich, warm colors like maroon or mustard yellow. One color that I am seeing more of is a cool-muted grey. By using grey in your fall décor, it creates a neutral tone that allows your favorite traditional fall colors really to stand out! 

I hope that these examples provide you with inspiration on how to update your fall décor this year. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find one that is uniquely you.  

Article Written by: Rachel Harper