When we have the opportunity to recognize the good that God has for each one around us, we can align ourselves with His purposes. We can choose to partner with Him and speak His truths and see the good that He has planned unfold.

Hearing the Positive

Recently, our little granddaughter, Viviana, was visiting our home. She is only 2 and a half, but already has a big understanding of who she is and who she is not.

I didn’t notice at first that every time I held her or spoke to her, I was validating her worth. I had begun to say the same phrase every time I imparted the love and appreciation for who she was to me. I would say, as I gave her a little hug, “That’s a sweet girl!” “Deb Deb loves you!” And as I gave her a gentle hug later in the day, I would express my kindness to her again, and say, “That is a sweet girl!!!” “Deb Deb loves Vivi!”

Resisting the Negative Input

At the same time, I observed the interaction between Vivi, and our 12-year-old-son, Galen. During their playing together, he had jokingly said to her in a sweet tone, but never the less, negative words, “Vivi’s a little stinker!” What happened next, was quite profound for anyone of any age. She rebuked him, and said sternly, “NO, Vivi Stinker!” and in doing so, she resisted the negative input being spoken over her that involved negative words.

Reaffirming the Positive

Later on, when I had put her down for a nap, I went into the room next door, and I could hear her repeating to herself the words that I had spoken throughout the day, and she said, in her little 2-year-old developing language, “Dat’s (that’s) a sweet girl!”

She was receiving the positive and validating words of truth about who she was, and believing it for herself. She was resisting the negative thoughts and words and not receiving them into her understanding or definition of who she was. It’s a lesson to everyone, no matter what age.

After all, Proverbs 23:7 (KJV), says, “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.