One day, I was doing laundry as I always do. I put the washer lid down and walked out of the room. As I shut the door, I realized I had seen a snake on top of the washer behind the lid. Normally, my reaction would have been to scream SNAKE! and find someone to help me. But as I stood there, I heard, “You have two choices:  keep the door shut and never go back into the room, or go in and kill the snake.”


Usually, I would go with the first choice, but in that moment, I instantly knew what I had to do. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the rag mop and the biggest knife I could find. I went into the room and started poking the snake with the mop until it lunged and planted its fangs squarely on the mop. Then I quickly laid the mop down and slew the snake! I felt quite heroic and very thankful at that moment.

In John 10, it says that the sheep hear the voice of the Shepherd. They recognize it and they follow Him. In that “snake moment,” I heard His voice and knew exactly what to do. He provided the strength and courage to do it.

It says in Acts 17:28, “for in Him we live and move and have our being.” So. I encourage you to heed his voice, follow His leading, and you will see Him move in and through you like never before! He is so good!

Article Written By: Dee Lamb