I have realized over time, that it takes a lifetime to accomplish all that God has for us to accomplish. It takes a rhythm of life that honors the Lord. I understand that every family has time commitments and schedules that vary according to their unique situations. But for our family, we have found that it’s important to keep some margin of grace in our schedule, to make sure that we do not become too overly committed to non-essential things that would cause us to miss out on the most important things.

When we put our relationship with the Living God first, and keep the relationships that are closest to us strong and well, then we can be equipped to do all that He has called us to DO and to BE.  For this reason, we do life in rhythm, a pace that is easy and light, a pace that is full of grace, that has room for margin and error, and room for God to lead us, and for us to follow His lead.

I have noticed that time wasters are such things as: 1) regret 2) indecision 3) complaining 4) arguing 5) insisting on being heard, 6) worry, and 7) guilt.

Conversely, I have learned that time definers are things such as: 1) staying connected with the Holy Spirit to discern God’s will 2) rejoicing always in each day and circumstance by finding the good 3) offering thanks to the Lord continually for every small and great thing 4) listening to the direction the Lord gives 5) loving fully 6) considering others and having their best interest at heart, and 7) saying yes to the right things and no to the unnecessary things.

When we recognize that ALL of our TIME, every hour, every minute, every day, every year. . . ALL belongs to our Creator, Master, Savior, and Lord, we see the small complexities and the discord in what we know we should do, and what our sinful hearts tell us that we could be doing. But when we turn over the ownership of our time to our God, He can allow us a beautiful balance, of both the rest and the productivity in our lives that pleases Him, that ultimately accomplishes His divine purposes in our lives. It allows time for what’s important, more than merely what is urgent. Then we are able to do life in rhythms of grace.

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.