It’s tempting not to set goals in life, for concern that we might not reach them. However, we
should always want to follow the plan that God has for the life He created us for. Explore a few
of the reason here why we should take every opportunity to glorify our Maker and allow His
fullest plan to unfold in our lives.

1-You Are Created With Purpose

Pray and ask the Lord God what He had in mind when He created you. Then ask Him to show
you how to accomplish it. Then listen as He reveals His plan for your life. Take careful notes to
find out your unique purpose that is different from those around you. Don’t be tempted to
compare. There is no reason for a banana to be in competition with a pineapple, or an orange;
each one is created differently, with different flavors, vitamin consistencies and purposes. And
so are you.

2-No One Can Take Your Place

Consider the disciples of Jesus. They were each unique and designed for different purposes.
John was the one who lived the longest and wrote the book of Revelations while exiled to an
island. He loved Jesus very much, and knew that He was beloved by the Master. Peter, on the
other hand, exercised great faith to step out on the water when he asked Jesus to call him
there. He was the one who had the appointment given by Jesus, “Upon this Rock, I will build my
church, and the gates of hell with not come against it.” Matthew was a tax collector, Luke a
Physician, James and John were commercial fishermen. Each one was different. But each one
followed Jesus. Likewise, you are unique and no one can be you. So, be the best you.

3-Don’t Stop Short of Your Highest Calling

It’s easy to take the low road. There’s not much resistance there, and you can let things slide.
But the high road is much more satisfying, and there is a great reward for pursuing all that God
has for you and not selling yourself short. God has great opportunities for you, and things that
only you can accomplish, but He needs you to do your part to prepare for that, so don’t stop
short of it. We owe Him all of us, and we owe Him our best. He gave His best for us.
These are a few reasons to determine what your life goals are, and start moving in that
direction step by step. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen. The sun will rise
tomorrow and it will be a new day. Determine to set your course, and pursue the path God
wants you to take, so that you can bring Him the most glory! He takes delight in you, so follow
Him with all your might!

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.