If you were to die today, what would be the last message you would want to convey to your loved ones?

I can be sure that you would not be talking about where you could find delicious food, clothes, job, or things of that nature. If it is your last chance, you will say something that is meaningful and also very important to you. Similarly, it should be something very essential to your listener, too.

If I were lying on my deathbed, I would say, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). This was also the concluding remark of Joshua who served God throughout his lifetime. You might wonder, “You are going to die, how could you say, you will serve the Lord? There is no life for you or you will have reincarnation.” But my friends, the Bible does not say that. When Christians die, they will be in heaven, together with their Lord, praising God and living forever. There is no reincarnation, as some people may believe. There are two distinct ways: either because of your faith in Jesus Christ you will spend eternity in heaven, or because of your unbelief in Christ, you will be thrown into the lake of fire.

Life here on earth is so short compared to the eternity we are going to spend. Every soul is a creation of God; we all are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27). Whether we acknowledge this fact or not, we are made special; we are God’s craftsmanship. The questions now arise, “How are humans made in the likeness of God; how are we His image bearers?”

There is a deep sense of spiritual relationship that we all desire. I have a few friends who say there is no God. But in the time of crisis, they too look for someone unknown. Some may call it “higher power,” some may say it is “science,” and some may call it by other names, but in reality, we are looking to connect with the one who created us and who knows us so very well. Each human has a deep need for this relationship which can only be satisfied with a relationship with Christ. Jesus said in John 4:13, everyone who drinks this water will never thirst. Neither name, fame, money nor human relationships can satisfy this deep need because the thirst can only be satisfied when you come into a close relationship with the one whose image bearer you are.

If I were allowed to say one last sentence before I die, then I definitely would advise being in a close relationship with our creator God. This is what we are created for; this is our purpose in life here on earth and later. Death is not an end—physical death is a result of human disobedience. But if we want to live our purpose (what we were made for) then we need to have a spiritual relationship established and flourishing with our creator. Fellowship with God should be our sole intention.

We believe in God and want to serve Him not out of fear (being thrown into hell) or because of our unfulfilled desires to be met. We serve God and love Him because that is why we were created. While living on earth, we have to do normal chores of life such as studying, working, marrying, growing children and so on. But even in the midst of these responsibilities, fellowshipping with Christ is our utmost responsibility. God has shown His grace towards us. Though not deserving, He has forgiven our sins and made us righteous and Holy–one who can have an intimate relationship with the creator God. It is not because of us, but because of Him that we can have a relationship and fellowship with the one and only true living God, here on earth and later, too.

Hence, worshipping and serving the true living God is my life’s ultimate goal, which I am living out today and want to do the same forever.

Article Written by: Ramila Karmacharya