There are several Fashion Personalities that fit each person perfectly. Once you know your
style, you can prepare your wardrobe well and enjoy each day. You will always feel ready for
any occasion.
This person has classic colors, shapes and fabrics that are always appropriate. This is the style
most commonly seen in royalty, as the queen of England and the princesses are often dressed
in a classic style. Basic colors, with tailored appeal, and always a strand of pearls is appropriate.
This person likes to make a statement. Prints are often loud and unique. One of kind statement
pieces include, jackets, pants, shoes or jewelry. These colors are typically loud, exciting and
bold and never dull. The styles are inspired by art designs and often motivated by trend.
3-Sporty- Natural
This person likes to keep things understated, basic and all-natural. The colors are often
neutrals, denims and easy-care fabrics. These styles are often ready for the outdoors at all
times. Comfort, flexibility and ease are the motivations of this style.
This person likes to lean towards lace, frills, and all things feminine. Flowy skirts, blouses and
scarfs, make a soft and subtle wisp for delicate fabrics and details. Nothing to bold or too loud,
or too stiff, or too outdoorsy, but silks, satins, velvet, and chiffon are a girl’s best friend. Shoes,
scents, and clothing are motivated by romance.
5-Pixie- Gamon
This person is neat and clean and precisely put together. Clean lines, crisps fabrics, pressed and
ironed and neat. Hair styles also compliment the clothing style. Jewelry is only precious metals
and stones. Shoes and belts are leather and worn simply as stylistic functioning pieces. Prints
are soft and small, and not loud. This person’s wardrobe is for function and purpose, for both
basic comfort of stylish detail.

Knowing your fashion personality will help you with shopping and organizing your closet. You
will be able to put your pieces together well to present your best preferred look. Often styles
overlap based on a person’s fashion personality, but only you can make it you! And as they say,
“If you focus only on one particular style, you’ll never find your own!” So enjoy who God has
created you to be!

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.