In my younger years, I had the privilege of teaching etiquette classes and learned and shared so
many life skills. Here is one, I know you will enjoy.

1-Spoon Away From You
The next time you are enjoying a cup or bowl of soup, take the spoon that you are holding and
spoon away from your body, to fill the spoon, instead of towards your body. The idea behind
this custom, is that in the event that the bowl or cup might tip over, it would not spill into your
lap and ruin your clothing, or cause burns or discomfort.

2-Use a Serving Saucer
Soup can be messy and splash unexpectedly. To remedy that, always use an under plate or
saucer to serve your soup cup or bowl. You will be so glad you did. It will preserve your table
linens and give much more pleasantries for your dining experience.

3-Place Spoon on Saucer Before and After
When transporting dishes, one never wants to leave the spoon in the bowl or cup upon
finishing the course. Neither should it arrive with the spoon in the bowl. The utensil should be
placed on the saucer, or under plate to prevent any tipping over, which would cause
embarrassment and inconvenience. During eating, the spoon can also return to the under plate
when necessary for brief pauses. Otherwise, if the spoon remains in hand, it remains in use, and
bon appetit!

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.