Who can define happiness?

Is it a feeling or a state of mind?

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So is happiness in the heart of the individual

It can be like the early morning mist that quickly evaporates

What creates happiness today, may be gone by tomorrow

It may be as a tree that is nourished by the rain and sunshine

Growing sturdy and tall, enduring throughout the years

What invokes happiness is as individual as snowflakes

But there is one common thread

We all have an inherent need to find it

For without it, life would seem void of purpose

Happiness, short or long term, needs to be lived out

It needs to be cherished, savored, and stored in our souls

It is one of our most precious commodities

Happiness weaves memories into the mundane of life

Happiness, as a two edged sword, brings both joy and pain

There is the joy of experiencing it for as long as it remains

There is the pain of losing it with the change of circumstances

Both create memories – one sweet, the other bittersweet

There is one form of happiness that remains throughout eternity

It transforms happiness into pure joy, it is Jesus our Savior

If He resides in our heart, we possess joy, unspeakable and full of glory

And we shall go from glory to glory until we shall see Him fact to face

Article Written By: Sylvia Hensel