What an EXCITING article to share with you as new discoveries and adventures (some good and some MAJOR learning experiences) have been instilled within my own personal being since the last article written. Truly, God has blessed me with bitter yet sweet nuggets to share with my friends, YOU, today! So, let’s get started!

Gold. Why do we value gold, silver, diamonds, MONEY so very much? Well . . . they can be important in the ways that we live. “If I just had more money, everything would be okay.” Have you ever caught yourself saying that? I know I have! (In fact, it may have been only ten minutes ago. ? ) But seriously, we are led to believe by media and society that more money (gold) means more happiness. But is that true? Sure, money can bring ease if it is spent well! AHA!!!

THE GOLD – Wisdom. Now, don’t stop reading ‘cause you think you’ve been bamboozled . . . just listen for a moment. God has brought me through watching my mom deteriorate before our eyes with cancer, journeying with a rebellious teenager for years to the “other side” in finding a healthy place, being betrayed by a best friend and MORE! The reality in it was MONEY couldn’t and didn’t help any of those situations. Because the true gold is wisdom. With wisdom, we SEEK God. With wisdom, we fall before our Lord and Savior in TOTAL TRUST and OBEDIENCE because we understand that our lives, our family’s lives and every possession including our health, talents, etc. belong to Him. And TRUTHFULLY . . . who better to take care of our things than the Creator and Comforter?

So . . . with your Gold (Wisdom) which in fact brings PEACE comes the next part and that is “the end.” You see . . . no leprechaun ever promised gold in the middle of the rainbow or even at the beginning. No . . . it’s always been known that there was a PURSUIT for the gold. A journey. And if you continued with that journey there would be the reward. Friends . . . who really wants to hear that right? I mean . . . couldn’t we just “fast forward” and get to the end. Swipe your finger and voila! We are there!!! Ha Ha . . . Oh, how we have been set up for the failure of what is good and true and right. With the push of a button, the swipe of a finger or the tap of a hand. Psalm 27:14 (NIV) says, “WAIT for the Lord; be STRONG and take HEART and WAIT for the Lord.” (Emphasis by Me. I know how we read . . . BOLD strikes us in the head while we scan over the rest.) WAITING for the Lord is WISDOM. Again, back to your Gold. Which you discover pieces of along the way as you pursue the POT OF IT at the end. THE END. Not the end of your adventure . . . in fact, the true adventure will just be beginning . . . but at the end of the rainbow. So . . . what is that rainbow?

Well, a rainbow is full of color. It arcs. It’s high in the sky. We all stop to look at it and point it out to our children. We are bedazzled when there’s a double rainbow. We search for it when we see both sun and rain mixed together . . . The rainbow is OUR LORD JESUS!!! Our Christ who is ever present in the sweet and precious times (sunny) as well as the hard and difficult times (rainy). But isn’t it the rain and the sun that are BOTH needed to make things grow? Your hard times ARE indeed necessary for growth. Some have been thrown on you and you don’t want them. Some are from your own choices. Some you’re just not sure where those devils came from. But . . . no matter the difficulty (and I do not make light of this . . . I am currently agonizing over a business deal that I made with family that has gone very bad and all I want is for it to end and still keep my family intact), so no matter the difficulty our RAINBOW is still there if we look to it. And Follow it. And PURSUE with all our heart that GOLD at the end.

We are survivors. Genetically, the Creator put that in us. And I am sure if you are reading this article that there is something in your heart that you need to just offer up to our Lord and Savior. Give it to him. Wait on Him. Be Strong. Take Heart. And Wait on Him. You are not alone. Friend, you will never be alone ‘cause there’s a batch of us in a similar boat to you . . . just a floating and wondering will there ever be an end? And the answer is. YES, YES, and YES. Our Heavenly Father awaits the day we get to go Home and LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE fully!!! Oh Yes! Just typing that gave me goosebumps. Think of your happiest, shiniest moments. Maybe the first time you held hands with a loved one. A special kiss. Holding your newborn. Winning a race. Making that job promotion. You name it. And then Multiple it by ONE MILLION (and I think I’m low balling it.) That is what we have to hold on to and look forward to when we get to be in our Master’s Presence FOREVER.

Alright people! Now you’ve got the secret. Wisdom + Journey + Eyes on OUR LORD = Gold at the end of the Rainbow. Take it from me, your personal leprechaun today, that “The prize is awaiting ye lassie. And it’s worth ye wait.”

Article Written By: Cindy Aitken