I am a proponent of higher education. Here are three things to consider when making the decision to further your education.

1-You Are Worth the Investment

Some people think that they are investing in a particular job or position, and therefore think the investment of time and money are worth it, if it results in the desired job outcome. However, I believe that the complete sum of the benefit of higher education is intrinsic.

2-Don’t Settle for Less

If you were offered a nicer model of phone when it was time to upgrade your phone, would you settle for something less that the best upgrade you could get with your plan, just because someone else had a lesser one. No, you wouldn’t, however, you don’t have to brag and show off the best and latest model either, you would just use it and enjoy it, and wait for your friends and relatives to also get the latest version whenever it was possible for them.

3-You Can Do It

The best way to beat any challenge is to determine that you are ready, and when you are, nothing can stop you. The Bible gives a description of David and said that He set his face like flint, meaning that he set in himself the determination to accomplish it and overcome the obstacles and beat the odds.

If you are considering “upgrading” your educational journey and taking a higher road, I encourage you to ask God for His wisdom and His will, and He will give you a plan that will work for you and you can be sure that anything you do for His kingdom, and for the preparation for His service, will not be wasted. Happy continued learning!

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.