It was just an ordinary 3 x 5 card, secured to a bulletin board with a thumbtack. Yet every time I passed by the board on my way to class, I stopped to look. It simply read:

Teachers Wanted:
Continental Bible College
Brussels, Belgium

The note remained on the board during my first year of college. For two semesters, I wondered about Continental Bible College (CBC) and what it would be like to live in Brussels, Belgium.
After that year, the card disappeared from the board. I was disappointed and felt almost panicked that I had missed an opportunity.

It was almost like greeting a friend that had been away for a long time when I saw the note card reappear during my senior year. I had such an intense desire to live in Belgium, and even though I knew no one in Belgium, I wanted to go.

Each time I passed the notecard, I prayed. And with each prayer, I felt more and more confident that God was calling me to Belgium.

I made an appointment to speak with the denominational director of missions, which was responsible for sending missionaries to Europe. I was very nervous and quite intimidated, but by the time we concluded our conversation, he promised me that he would do everything possible to help me get to Belgium.

Before my eyes, I witnessed one miracle after another. My home church was paying to have someone paint the inside of the church. Unbeknownst to me, my dad took off from work and painted the church, so that the church could pay my airfare with the money set aside for the painters.

On the day I was to leave, I had only raised half my support for the year. CBC still wanted me to come and I was willing, even though I knew it would be a very lean year. The car was packed and my family was waiting to take me to the airport when I decided to run in the house and take one last look around to make sure that I had not forgotten anything. As I did, the phone rang. It was a call from the Division of Foreign Missions informing me that they had just received a check for over half my entire support on the condition that I would never know who had sent it! Crying, I walked back out to the car with more assurance that it wasn’t just a note card that was about to change my life – it was the call of God!

Article Written By: Dana Cavallaro, D.Min.