A house of cheer is one that makes people feel welcomed and loved. This spring let your love
be evident to all and invite others to your home for times of celebration. Here are a few ways to
celebrate this spring.
1-Set the Table
For every seat you have at the table, make a place setting for each one. Make it look like you
were thinking about them before they came. Pray over each place and ask the Lord to bless
them with cheer and joy in Him.
2-Use Your Pretty Dishes
Pretty dishes are a great way to bring cheer and joy into the hearts of your guests and create an
atmosphere of celebrating together. Whatever the occasion, pretty dishes are a great way to let
others know you want to show them a good and pleasant time.
3-Make Something Tasty
Food doesn’t have to be fancy to be tasty. Some of the simplest recipes can be the most
delicious and savory. Whether you are making a roast, carrots and potatoes, baked chicken and
rice casserole, or chili, tacos, meatloaf, mashed potatoes or mac and cheese, make it with love
and care to celebrate the ones you love and they are sure to be blessed by it.
Add some warm bread, and fresh green salad, to round it out. Have your guests bring the
dessert, and you all will have a wonderful time together, knowing that each one is loved. Take
time to have pleasant and uplifting conversation, and positive upcoming plans. Celebrate God’s
goodness of each other; and enjoy your house of cheer.

Article Written by: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.