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Celebrate Creativity

In our home we celebrate creativity. Each person is allowed to dream, to explore and to create. We arrange supplies in handy bins, so that any time, the builders and makers of things will have the resources needed. We collaborate on what project to work on and how it should be accomplished!

Dads and Moms can have an influence on how much the son or daughter enjoys the craft. The craft can run in families and if so, it should be kept by skillful instruction and by enjoying a delightful sense of completion. Recently my husband, Billy, assisted our 11-year-old son, Graham, in creating a superhero mask made out of micro-foam material. It required measuring, sizing and stitching, until it was just right! My husband’s grandmother was a professional seamstress and taught him many skills of the trade, such as blind stitching and how to use curved needles.

My son was fascinated to learn from his father a family skill and combine it with his love for superheroes and create a one-of-a kind masterpiece!

I would encourage you to allow your children ample opportunity to be creative using whatever materials they have on hand. I would also suggest monitoring their activities to provide the available time and focus needed to work on a creative project. The results will be sons and daughters with positive self-esteem and strong sense of personal identity as well as a happy sense of accomplishment. Your family will reflect what you value. Let it be that in your home, you value and celebrate creativity!

About Debbie Harper, Ph.D.

Debbie Harper is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Chaverah Magazine and is a communicator of the gospel of hope we have in Christ. Her desire is to be obedient to God’s appointment and commission for her life. She is a dedicated wife to Billy and mother of seven wonderfully unique and talented children: Garrett, Gavin, Grant, Gillian, Grayson, Graham, and Galen. She is also the Mother-in-law to Rachel, and affectionately, DeeDee to a beautiful baby-grand, Viviana Isabelle Harper. Her home and heart are filled with warmth and grace.

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