Samantha Ewing
Samantha EwingColumnist
I am a mid-western girl from the start. I was born and raised in Michigan, an only child to two well-intentioned parents. Did they direct my life to Christ? No, but as a result of the trials and tribulations we endured, I found my way to the King of Kings.

I fell in love with Jesus in the mountains of Colorado when I was fifteen years old. I said, “Here I am Lord” as I watched the sun fall slowly below the continental divide. I was free. Until I wasn’t. I walked away from Jesus shortly after my dad died when I was 17. I was living in the world. I was not who I am today. But, the Lord knew that I needed to move and make a change, so he sent me packing in 1996 to Virginia Beach, VA.

With little more than two blue rubber bins, a car without air conditioning and very few resources he set me on my path. A path that would lead me to my husband Rick. Thank you, Jesus! Rick and I met and both knew that we were made for each other. We married four days after the 9/11 attack on the United States. It was a moment of joy for many in a dark hour.

Three years later we welcomed our sweet son, Maxwell, who was born with immense curiosity and a heart for Jesus right from the start. When Max was nine months old, however, we lost my mom to alcoholism. It was a tough but freeing time in my life. I waxed and waned in my faith, I struggled to believe and to come back to Jesus. I knew that He had never left, it was me.

Well if He wasn’t gracious enough with the birth of Maxwell, he blessed us again with a beautiful, red-headed baby girl, Caroline. She is ambitious and independent and loves Jesus. I love Jesus. Shortly after we welcomed Caroline into the world I ran with open arms back to Jesus, He was there to greet me with grace only He can give.

My life has never been the same. I live for Jesus. I love serving in His name. I love my fulltime job, I am a homemaker. I get to spend my days feathering the nest of my family. God has also given me additional open doors to minister. Through opportunities at my church, I have been able to be a volunteer for the chaplain’s office at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center. Rick and I have been blessed with a lovely home where we have been able to host care groups and bible studies.

I am a core-group leader for a Community Bible Study, that I truly enjoy. My prayer is that I submit to God’s will. Everything I do, from running to writing, I pray that I am glorifying Him. I am eternally grateful to the Lord for the blessings he has so graciously poured out to me and my family. I know I am undeserving, I know I am fallen, but I take great comfort in knowing that I am forgiven.

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