Mary – A “Cuppa-Sugar” Neighbor

/Mary – A “Cuppa-Sugar” Neighbor

Mary – A “Cuppa-Sugar” Neighbor


This is the time of year when our attention naturally shifts to Jesus’ earthly family.  We marvel at the thought of Mary being chosen to physically carry, give birth to, and raise the Son, Lord of the universe, God in flesh. All the while, our minds struggle to wrap around the Trinity concept of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – three in one.

Who was this Mary, a young, faithful, follower of God, who, I imagine, was seemingly ordinary enough to be a neighbor you could borrow sugar from, if needed?

Mary seemed ordinary by world standards, yet extraordinary in her faith, as she “found favor with God” (Luke 1:30). The promise of God’s Holy Seed, planted in Mary’s womb by the Holy Spirit, and delivered by the angel Gabriel, is truly miraculous.

Mary’s faith for what she could not possibly understand in the natural, allowed God’s Word to manifest. “With God, NOTHING shall be impossible,” Luke 1:37. This humble, faithful girl was willing when God was ready to work His mightiest miracle through her.

Would we be willing to receive such a miracle, such honor and suffering? How would we respond to a neighbor who had been visited with such a miraculous invitation?

May we remember that each of us who follows God, could similarly be asked by Him to do the impossible, using our faith. God has something for each of us to accomplish. As we yield to the Holy Spirit, we are touched by His miraculous power to advance His kingdom as He wills, through our simple obedience.

Article Written By: Trish Knox

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