There’s no need to dull our days

With half-heartedness and lukewarm living.

I want my moments made alive

By a warrior’s love

That goes out of its way

To threaten the lies

That tell you you’re unseen and unloved.

I want to tell you even louder,

“The King sees you and what He sees is good”

Until you let it change the way you live,

The way you love.

I want to treasure today’s moments

Like they’re clustered diamonds

And cradle their brilliance

Even closer during the hard days

When I forget His grace

And need to remind myself again

Just how wonderful it is to live today.

Article Written by: Bethany Kuiken

About Bethany Kuiken

Bethany is originally from Pompton Plains, New Jersey and is currently a senior, majoring in Writing at Houghton College. She is passionate about the hope of the Gospel and sharing it through writing, especially poetry. She is a lover of stories, spontaneous adventures, and fitness. She has been published in the Deeply Rooted blog, “A Call to Praise,” and Thryve Magazine Harmony Issue, “Our Ultimate Rest.” You can find her personal blog at:

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