Ramila Karmacharya
Ramila KarmacharyaColumnist
Ramila Karmacharya is from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Nepal is the Hindu nation currently declared as a secular nation where the population of Christians is only 5%. Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha and the land of the highest peak of the world, Everest.

Ramila lives in Kathmandu with her husband, Bishwa, who is a Church Planter, and two sons, Vishal Gaurav who is 17 years old and Vishwas Gaurav who is 15 years old. Ramila worked in children’s ministry with an organization called, TEACH, for six years and then moved to an international development organization called, World Vision International Nepal, for eight years in different management positions.

She has traveled to many different parts of Nepal and has experienced diverse cultures, belief systems and the poverty issues that people are faced with. She has also traveled to different parts of the world. In 2009, she strongly felt the call to minister to women and children in these contexts and left her full-time job to be God’s fulltime servant starting a faith-based ministry. Currently, she is working on implementing a holistic project to empower women and lead them to reflect Christ’s image.

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