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Lisandrea Wentland
Lisandrea WentlandFounder, Editor & Chief
     After several semesters of art school at Carnegie Mellon University, Lisandrea Wentland obtained her Associate’s degree in Sign Language interpreting and Deaf Studies in Connecticut, and a BA in Communication (Language & Cultural Studies) from Charter Oak State College in Connecticut. Lisandrea toured with the internationally acclaimed Continental Singers in 1991, got married in 1995, and competed as Mrs. Connecticut in the 1998 Mrs. America pageant.

Lisandrea met her husband when she served as Director of the College & Career ministry at their church. She later became the church’s wedding coordinator, and now has a small part-time consulting and event planning business, Bluestocking Communication. Under the Bluestocking umbrella, Lisa teaches ASL to homeschool students through Kidglove Sign.

Lisandrea once worked in marketing and research for a global corporate giant, and is now an on-call features researcher for The 700 Club. In nearly nine years with CBN, Lisandrea has also worked in development, telephone ministry, as a devotional writer and as a TV producer for The 700 Club.

Lisandrea is also a singer/songwriter who has led CBN chapel worship many times; she released an indie CD in 2000. She can frequently be found blogging in the wee hours, and is also a regular toy and product-reviewer for several online websites.

Once a candidate for a Master’s in Education degree at her husband’s alma mater, Regent University, Lisandrea left that program to raise a family in 2003. Tom graduated from Regent’s School of Government in 2004 with a Masters in Public Administration. They are now the very busy homeschooling parents of three.

The Wentlands reside in Northern Virginia, where they are shopping for a publisher for their first book, It’s Not Your Parent’s Marriage (Thank God!).

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