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DeeDee was born in Norfolk, VA. It was a much smaller town than it is now. It was so small, in fact, that she and her husband of 47 years were delivered by the same obstetrician. DeeDee is now retired but worked in the dental field for over 33 years. Her former boss, Dr. Newell, took every one on staff to the Dental Conventions. For DeeDee, this meant trips to San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, Florida. (Disney World), Hawaii and many more exciting places.

She loves to travel and has accompanied her husband, Dave, on many trips as well. He was a planning engineer for ships at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Dave and DeeDee went to Athens, Greece, The Caribbean Islands, and many states throughout America. This husband/wife team has also been on many short-term mission trips together, building churches and schools. These trips have taken them to many cities in Mexico, Jamaica, and Belgium. DeeDee and Dave have traveled on numerous cruises and seen almost all of the Caribbean Islands. Recent trips have been to Paris and Portugal. One of DeeDee’s favorite places to visit is New York City. She also loves the oceanfront. When the weather is nice, you will find her, with a group of friends on the beach at Dam Neck, Virginia Beach or Nags Head.

DeeDee’s vehicle license plates read “DD GO.” She enjoys travel and researching where she’s going, so she won’t miss anything. She also loves finding the good deals. She and her husband have three grown sons and eight wonderful grandchildren.

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