7 Tips To A Healthy Image

/7 Tips To A Healthy Image

7 Tips To A Healthy Image

“A Healthy Image”


  1. SELF-AWARENESS: Identify the negative and positive thoughts in how you see yourself.  Being self-aware about your thoughts will help you realize what thoughts you should have.  Focus on the healthy image you want for yourself.


  1. POSITIVE SELF-TALK: Appreciate who you are and others.  Say positive affirmations daily.   What thoughts and feelings are you saying and believing about yourself?   “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” – Proverbs 23:7.   Select 5 people to spend time with and will influence you to be the person you want to become.


  1. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WELLNESS: Keep your mental and physical health well.   Examples: Decrease depression through exercise and other leisure activities.  Increase your self-esteem through success oriented activities.  Practice stress management through daily meditation, deep breathing exercises, positive coping skills, or spa services.   Eat healthy foods with antioxidants, good fats, protein, fiber, and fruits/vegetables to optimize your lifestyle.


  1. SET GOALS: Write goals that are realistic, specific, and measurable.  You will feel more motivated when you see your goals achieved.   Every morning and night, say your goals to remind yourself of what you want to be and achieve.  Make goal cards and post them everywhere you can see and say them out loud (ex. I am so happy and grateful for unstoppable confidence, a constant abundance of time, money, and freedom in my life; or I am a healthy 120lbs woman by [specific date]; or I will be a successful business owner, etc. ).  Every time you remind yourself of your goals, you are training your brain to make it happen.


  1. IMAGE PLANNING: Decide on the look you want.    Read and observe several Fashion Magazines (Ex. Allure, Vogue, Elle, etc).  Create a vision board with images that represent how you want to be.   Images may include: Natural, business, dramatic, or casual look.   Go with friends or professionals to clothing stores who have good fashion sense to help you create the look you want.


  1. EDUCATION: Attend classes to keep yourself motivated and inspired.   Classes in skin care, grooming, make-up, fitness, weight loss, and nutrition will help renew your mind and establish an overall healthy well-being.    Renew your mind through knowledge.


  1. TRENDS AND STYLES: Staying updated will help you look and feel fashionable. The latest Hair Trends and Styles are:  Simple, Slicked Back Hair, Sombre, Fun Buns, Ponytails, Braids, and Messy Updos.   Throwback looks of the 90s hottest looks on runway fashion.

Article Written By: Leilani Del Campo

Leilani Del Campo, MA, MS, and  her husband, Julius Ceasar Del Campo, are owners of BRACHA Salon in Chesapeake, VA where she holds numerous healthy image seminars, consultations, and events.  Call 757-382-9988 or via Facebook@Bracha for more information.   

About Leilani Del Campo

Leilani Del Campo, MA, MS, and her husband, Julius Ceasar Del Campo are owners of BRACHA Salon in Chesapeake, VA where she holds numerous healthy image seminars, consultations, and events. Call 757-382-9988 or on Facebook at FB.com/BrachaSalon for more information.

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